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Design a logo

You may think that designing a logo can’t be that hard, but the truth is that it requires a great deal of creativity, responsibility and ability to simplify concepts. That is, a logo design is something that needs careful handling.

This occurs because a logo should be able to depict a specific message to a specific target in a way that is perfectly clear and effective. That is to say, a logo should capture meanings and should be created in a way that those meanings are perfectly conveyed. Only if this is accomplished can we tell that a logo design is 100% cost-effective.

But to condense meanings in an image is quite difficult and it requires professionalism and skills. Each logo has its own specific goal. That is, each company will create a logo to satisfy their own needs. These logos will meet specific requirements that will have to do with the message the company wants to transmit, the way they want this message to be transmitted, and the company's target. The elements that will make up the logo will be tailored not only according to the company’s preferences, but also the audience’s.

So, for a logo to represent exactly what a specific company wants, it should be developed carefully and accurately. This accuracy can only be accomplished with the help of a professional graphic designer with the knowledge to handle such work.

But condensing these ideas and messages is not the only difficulty. A logo design is the most representative element a company has. Many people think that a company's name is the most important thing, but the truth is that if this name undergoes continuous changes, such as in its typography, colors, size, it will never adhere to the target's mind and will never be remembered. For this reason, the name has to take the form of a stable logo. This name can be part of the logo, it can be the logo itself or it can be replaced by a logo. A logo design is perdurable in the target’s mind only when it remains the same way in time. When we say "remain the same" we mean that the changes that the logo will undergo will not be radical. You can make some modifications to the logo for it to match something else, to be more fashionable, to make it more attractive, but it will be dramatic if the logo design is changed drastically.

As a logo design is a company’s representation by means of graphics, the logo should feature elements and characteristics that won’t look old-fashioned in a year time. That is to say, a logo should not follow or be created according to any current trend. For example, there are companies that started up in the 70’s and created logos that were very fashionable and accepted at the time but that became old-fashioned a decade later. These companies found themselves in the need of recreating their look for them to keep on going.

To recreate a logo in this way can bring about many disadvantages. To begin with, a logo can adhere to the target’s mind only in time. You’ve got to give them some time to get familiar with a logo and to remember it. If you change the logo just when people begins to do this, then this many-year process of getting to accept your logo will have to start all over again (in the end your company will never be remembered by its audience).

By changing a logo like that you can only get people confused. If people is confused it means that you logo is working as a repellent. Apart from this, an ever-changing logo design is a logo that conveys inconsistency. Inconsistency means lack of professionalism and, if your logo conveys this idea, it means that your company is conveying it, as every detail that your logo design is featuring will be attributed directly to your company.

As you can see, creating a logo design is even hard for a qualified professional. So, if you are having your logo designed, make sure you get the help of someone who has the ability to do a good job. Only you know how important your company is, and a logo design is the most important element any company has as it is the main representation of it.

A logo design is effective -that is, it will achieve all of its goals- only if this logo design is created with care and passion. Passion is a very important ingredient, and relying on someone who lacks passion for developing your company's most important element will result in an ineffectual logo design. Take my advice and analyze carefully the possibilities. There are many professional graphic designers to choose from, but each designer, or design agency, will have a specific style that may not match the style you are looking for.

How to design a logo
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